In 2021, more than 35 billion road shipments have been made world wide. What effect could suistainable logistics chains and electric vehicles could have for these deliveries?

Well, the overwhelming majority of the 35 billion shipments were delivered by vehicles containing internal combustions engines. Each of these cars, vans, and trucks releases additional carbon dioxide into our atmosphere, reduces the quality of our air, and creates more noise in our cities.

We at Pharma Express have been for a long time battling this issue because we believe in a world in which there is balance. In which we want to breath clean air and be healthy. As part of the healthcare system, by transporting medical equipment and pharma products and medicines all over Europe, we feel that we are directly obligated to help improve all of our standards of living and health.

So, we constantly take steps in this direction: lower emission cars or electric solutions; intelligent systems that lower consumption; constant training of our drivers and office staff; constant CARE.

Delivering the tools for Healing all over Europe❤️‍🩹


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