Have you ever wondered how your lives would be if there was no shipping systems and logistics chains? Of course, we would manage, a LOT harder as we do now. But could we manage if pharmaceutical products would not be transported fast and in safe conditions? DEFINETLY not well.

As time passes by, we also evolve as humans, the technology also evolves, but, unfortunately, we also get mutations / bad developments in the evolution of diseases and viruses which appear more frequent and more virulent. In these situations, we thank all the researchers that are involved in finding cures and treatments to these plagues, but we also must be aware that all of these medicine, tests and pharmaceutical solutions if they would not be handled and transported in a CORRECT manner according to the imposed standards, all these efforts would be in vain and more harm than good would be made.

For this reason, the companies that handle pharma shipments, like Pharma Express, are verified constantly, and in order to obtain the necessary authorizations they must prove that all their vehicles, staff, training, equipment are perfect.

Pharma Express owns ISO 9001:2015, TAPA, ATP and GDP certifications, thus guaranteeing that all the transported pharma shipments, like medicines, vaccines, lab samples, genetic samples, cosmetic products, and more, which are transported by us, will arrive at the destination completely safe, without the products being deteriorated or chemically changed in any way, changes that if they might occur, they could be catastrophic to the usage of these products.

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