Time-sensitive is the expression of the day when it comes to the nature of the pharmaceutical industry and it’s products. Especially in the last decade the development of vaccines and treatments has taken a very rapid ascent direction. Factors which, for example, have played a critical role in reducing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But simply ensuring the medicines necessary and timely access them is not just about drug development. It also heavily depends on the logistics sector being able to transport medicines from manufacturing or storage facilities to the people that need them.

So we have a few factors that govern the pharma logistics industry:

– Speed,

– Safety,

– Special conditions of transport

Even if it’s crucial that all pharma products arrive in a timely manner, speed isn’t the only concern when medicines are in transit.

Safety in freight transportation for pharmaceutical products also depends on medicines arriving at their destination in perfect condition, ensuring that their integrity is not compromised at any point.

And so, special conditions of transportation are necessary in order to achieve this, both time and temperature beeing key factors. At Pharma Express, we understand how important it is that pharmaceutical goods are transported safely. Our Logistics and Transport Management system solution delivers real-time updates on any external and internal influences that affect your cargo – all the way from departure to arrival.

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